Saturday, January 2, 2010

back to blue?

Ah the January blues. Happens every year. The excitement and busyness of Christmas gaves way to the lonely feeling of winter. The ice seems colder and the snow drearier. I always find myself sinking lower and lower and feeling less and less. Yes, every year. Time to break out the fish oil and Vit. D.
Funny how this feeling feels so familiar and comfortable, but so miserable as well. How odd are we humans that we almost like to be miserable, it helps us feel alive. Is humanity naturally this unhappy? I would guess so.
Thankfully I do not have an career that allows me to wallow for too long. But at night when the babies are asleep and Joe has gone to bed; I sit with my loneliness and feel isolated from everything that used to mean so much to me. I channel some Simon and Garfunkel, a bit of Joni Mitchell and I feel better.
May this January bring something other than the blues.