Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time to start anew.

I think the time has come to revive this blog a bit. I started out my online "life" with blogging and have missed the personal touch it adds to a cyber world. I have been blessed to have met some incredible women/friends through the internet, I know it catches alot of flack. But hey, I met my husband online once upon a time and that has worked out nicely :)

We're currently spending some time in Tennessee with my parents in their new home. We headed out for a relaxing, family-filled vacation. The best kind. Hit some roadbumps, fixed them as best as we could, picked ourselves up, kissed some "owies" and moved on. Now tomorrow we celebrate Easter and prepare to make the journey home. Vacation is good for many things. It is good to seperate from "reality" sometimes to get a fresh new perspective on home.

While I love Wisconsin, the long dreary winter seems to zap my energy and homemaking tends to suffer. I look forward to spring this year to help me renew my zeal to declutter, refresh our home and make it feel like....well....home again.
I'd like to use this forum to help me stick with my new goals and hopes.