Monday, April 27, 2009

Project updates

So, I finished the cap-sleeve top that I was knitting up with my wilton/KoolAid dyed Jamaica colorway. LOVE how the color knit up, but it is too short so I need to frog it and add about 2-3 more inches. I may do some increases as well as binding off with MUCH bigger needles.

I added a picture of the Shrug I am making with this GORGEOUS Bamboo/cotton from Jo-Anns, so soft!

And lastly the Kaia Babydoll sweater I am making out of some really nice Acrylic yarn, Lion Brand Soft yarn I believe. I love the colors. I made the 12 month size to fit her this fall as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

tgif :)

This week I finished the scrappy shorties. I am happy with the color but the gusset is all kinds of funky! It will work just fine, but they just aren't my favorite item. Which is too bad the colors are awesome! I need to block them and then get some pictures up. I started a sweet little cap sleeve top out of my "Jamaica" kool Aid/Wiltons dyed Merino from Knitpicks. This yarn is beyond soft! It's is a pretty quick knit although I may try something different along the bottom. It is the same pattern that I used to make Averie's rainbow/purple sweater.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrappy Shorties

I cast on a pair of shorties for Ruby last night. It's my second pair of shorties, first pair of scrappies. So, let's see how this goes shall we?
I started with a cascade 220 medium/rosy pink and am using that for my ribbing and cuffs, the scrappy yarns I have are Three Irish Girls Fiona, Tara and Quinn as well as a Rainbow Bright HC yarn, a scrap of mystery single-ply yarn, a pretty pink multi that my friend Janelle gave me and a Dashing Dachs Birds in the basket. Oh and Purewool Joanico. I am excited about it. Hopefully it will be girly and pretty. It's sort of a shame I have enough to make a ridiculously cute pair of longies.
I will be using a mix of the Adorabubble and Sheepy Pants patterns and pretty much winging it, in typical Sara-style.
ETA: Got some more done on them this afternoon, although with Ruby teething it may be a slow process.

for starters

I am hoping to use this blog to share and look back on my projects, also to show the progression and modifications I make to patterns.
I typicallywork with yarn, fabric, and black & White photography. But I love to try new things.