Tuesday, July 21, 2009

time on my hands

With the oldest two in Missouri, I am finding so much extra time to finish up things. Although, I miss them dearly, it is a relief. I was just beginning to feel like I was drowning, again.
I finished the sweet little knitted vest today, I LOVE it. So soft and little. I hope mama and baby enjoy it. I already have another one cast-on such a simple pattern and quick knit. Plus I know ALOT of babies coming soon. In fact, one of my closest friends told me today that she is expecting. So exciting.
I also worked on a few new appliques, I was fairly pleased with them. Judah was my creative helper while I was doing this. He kept helping me pick out fabrics. He has been such a different kid since Gabe and Averie left.

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow I am hoping to start out with some cleaning and end with some sewing and knitting.

Friday, July 17, 2009

sweet tiny little things

Today I stated the sweetest little vest from this pattern using gorgeous organic cotton in Tomato. Sooo soft. I love when you start a project and you are just thrilled with how it is looking/feeling. It makes up for all those things that you start and then lose steam over. I do that alot it seems. I get all gung ho about something then I putter and moan and stop. Maybe I run on crafting adrenaline? Who knows, but this is one sweet little vest. I love it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sweet picnic and birdies

today after a chaotic morning that included some lovely sleeping in (until 8am thanks Miss Ruby!). I packed a lunch and we headed to Plamann Park to explore some bird trails and blow off some energy. It worked. We all enjoyed it plus we got to pet some super sweet little baby goats and Judah loved the tiny baby pigs.

I recently re-discovered this blog and am feeling very inspired after struggling with finishing old projects and rummaging through totes full of fabric I forgot about. Now I feel much better. I also found a seriously adorable little vest pattern that is calling me and I am going to try my hand at doublesticthing. Shouldn't be hard, I have cross stitched before so it has to be easier than that!
Also loving this site