Sunday, November 7, 2010

breathe in, breathe out

these moments, feeling her little fingers wrap around my neck, little body wiggling against my chest, and hearing her sweet little 2 year old humming against the side of my face. It takes me back to the little boy that first sat on this mama tummy as we swayed back and forth in the kitchen, summer of '05. No air conditioning, just the two of us, this boy who made me a mommy, rocking his baby sister to sleep. Soon he was followed by the snuggly little bald headed baby sister who danced with mama while her baby brother kicked mama from the inside. Little kisses, humming toddlers turned into big brothers and sisters. This is life for us. Welcoming our baby with a dance. Just mama and little one. Singing silly little songs that make their mama cry every time. Don't they see, we don't lose a baby, we add another little dancer. And when baby comes, a new part of each of my babies has been born. we tell our children they can't have too many friends, well you can't have too much love. And my babies give it freely to each other. I have seen it. sloppy little toddler kisses on a newborn baby face, little fingers tickling tiny, wrinkly toes. All of us wondering how we survived without this little person. How we ever thought of ourselves as whole before they arrived in our arms.

no, I don't lose a baby.
our family gains a whole new perspective.

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