Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I firmly believe that the moments we find ourselves "shaken" are the moments that define us in the end. It is in these moments that out true priorities and motives come to the surface. We can't help it. There is no pretending in that moment. When all is not how you thought it was, when plans fall through and when all is not right with the world.
We suck in deep, start to slowly sort through the pieces that are floating around all the sudden, some floating just out of reach, some never to be sorted again. Bend down, pick up hopes and best laid plans off of the floor, dust them off and realize they'll never look the same, but they still belong to us. They may change shape, direction and size. Mountains may grow between you and those dreams.  The biggest mountains ever seen. But what else is there to do? So pick the pieces up anyway, slowly starting to rebuild and form them into a new dream, a new plan. Pasting it into reality with a wobbly smile, holding it together with tears. Giving a moment to mourn the old plans, they had their place.
The first step forward is the hardest. Every ounce of you holding you back, wanting to slip you back into guilt and bitterness, like sinking sand. But move forward, pick up the pieces and you'll be just fine.

I'm being shaken, as we speak.

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  1. Wish that I would have stumbled across this months ago. You are strong lady my friend and a writer of lovely words.