Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrappy Shorties

I cast on a pair of shorties for Ruby last night. It's my second pair of shorties, first pair of scrappies. So, let's see how this goes shall we?
I started with a cascade 220 medium/rosy pink and am using that for my ribbing and cuffs, the scrappy yarns I have are Three Irish Girls Fiona, Tara and Quinn as well as a Rainbow Bright HC yarn, a scrap of mystery single-ply yarn, a pretty pink multi that my friend Janelle gave me and a Dashing Dachs Birds in the basket. Oh and Purewool Joanico. I am excited about it. Hopefully it will be girly and pretty. It's sort of a shame I have enough to make a ridiculously cute pair of longies.
I will be using a mix of the Adorabubble and Sheepy Pants patterns and pretty much winging it, in typical Sara-style.
ETA: Got some more done on them this afternoon, although with Ruby teething it may be a slow process.

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  1. All of those scraps look gorgeous together!!!! These are going to be great, Sara!! :)