Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I had a conversation, bright and early with my littlest love. I knew this day woudl come, but it has come a bit quicker than I wanted it too. She's becoming a little lady instead of my tiny baby. It helped that she has always been a petite little thing and that we still enjoy our "nursie" time. Helped mama transition and hopefully my little RubyD as well. I love all of my 4 children so dearly and so differently, but my Ruby in many ways fulfilled my journey as a mama. So many hopes had fallen flat with my other 3 babies for one reason or another. But with Ruby things just came together so nicely.
I could write such a similar post about my 3 older children, just a different theme. I tend to dwell on what my children have done for me, perhaps I should be dwelling more on what I do for my children. That seems like an endless list, but I firmly believe that those daily chores mean nothing without love backing them up. I tend to fall so short of that goal. So short. There is not always love running through me as I clean the bathroom floor after my impatient 3 year old ahs had poor aim or as I scrub marker off the walls. But there needs to be. One of my deepest desires for my children is to feel loved and valued. *sigh* I suppose I may never feel like I have done a good job with that, but I'll try nonetheless.

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