Tuesday, June 29, 2010


At the risk of sounding like my adolescent self, music may be one of my favorite things in life. Easily. All kinds really. Reggae, country, blues, oldies, pretty much anything. The right song can salvage even the worst day. My favorite moments with Joe and my babies are connected to a song. I won't lie, Jack Johnson has been the soundtrack for many of my recent memories. When I think of Matt, out pops Incubus, takes me back to my 19th birthday and all the wildness that a 3 kids can get into at a good concert. Allison Krauss comes on and I can't stop my voice from singing along. Give me a Bob Marley song to make the worst day seem like a blessing. Where would I be without it?

Today we had a full day of dentist appointments, La Leche League friends and then I came home to sort through all the totes of clothes from the basement. Time already to figure out what the kids need for fall clothes. Sorting through their clothes, so many little memories come out. The way Ava smiled when I let her wear the polka dot jumper to school with her favorite comfy boots, how blue Judah's eyes looked with that sweater, and how grown up Gabe looked in that button-up. Don't even get me started on sorting through Ruby's tiny baby things. Kill me now. As much as I loved her that first moment I met her cannot compare with the joy of discovering this whole new little person. It has amazed me 4 times now. This sweet, ridiculous baby becomes an individual with opinions and thoughts. Next she'll move to sharing complete thoughts and asking questions. I won't know the answers to half of them. Ok over half. Gabe has already proven to me how little I REALLY know, lol.

As much as my children have impacted me, it has only been enhance by the wonderful friends I have, from before and since I became a mama. Bless the ones who followed me along this winding little trail I have been on these past 7 years. Heck, the trail I was on before wasn't much different really. My life really has been so blessed by my friends. Some of my darkest moments and rawest experiences have been shared with them. Seems like so many of my friends are going through such real hardships right now. It must be the mama in me that wants to sweep in and make the bad stuff go away, but we can't do it can we? We can't do it for another adult and we can't do it for our babies. It's the downfall of being human I suppose.

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain..." -Bob Marley

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