Tuesday, May 24, 2011


On this day, 8 crazy years ago, I married this guy. He is a good man, honest, responsible and hard working.

8 years ago our "plans" looked so much different than they do now. We were going to finish school, travel, buy a house, hang out with friends, party and then maybe someday....have a family.

About 4 weeks after this photo was taken we found out our first baby was on the way. Talk about shock and awe. But we made it. Even though at times neither of us thought we would. We keep plugging along, working hard to do things the way we knew they needed to be done.

And here we are, 5 babies, 1 funeral, 6 moves, 5 jobs, 2 states, 3 colleges, 1 almost-completed bachelor's degree and oh so many failed plans later. And yet I couldn't be happier with how this "Plan" turned out. Because although our plan wasn't meant to be, we've learned together, time after time that God has a plan for us, and it is way better than we ever could have dreamed.

So, in the next 8 years, my plan........ is to love on my growing babies, hang out with my man and keep giving my plans up to God.


  1. Yay congrats! That photo was taken on my birthday!

  2. Hey sara.. what a sweet post :)
    Congrats on your new baby...not sure if I ever did. She's gorgeous!


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