Monday, May 23, 2011

In the spirit.

Trying to lift myself up instead of falling into what has become a predictable routine for me. The after-baby slump. When nothing fits and no one is quite themselves. Well, my babe is 2 months old tomorrow and we're rebelling against the slump.

So, here I am. Trying to revive what used to be save my sanity. A blog. It has moved around a bit, but Xanga kept me for about 4 years and I made some wonderful friends there. Beautiful and inspiring mama's.

So, without further ado.

Today we hung around the house. After a lazy, close-to-home weekend full of rain, sunshine, playing outside, family walks to the park, sleeping babe in the mei tai and a mug of coffee. Mmmm it was a good weekend. But of course Monday did what it seems to do so well and I was exhausted by 9am. Boo. However, Olive took a lovely little nap, solo. And I mopped, moved furniture, cleaned up clutter, swept.....bliss.

Now I am not usually one to find comfort in cleaning, I tend to avoid it at all costs, but after the 8 weeks our family has was long overdue and it felt so nice to get something done without having to ask someone to help me or hold the baby etc. And the tv was off so I had my little helpers too. It was a good morning. After Ollie woke up, it gave me an excuse to sit down and finish off the 1st sleeve to this. More pictures to come of it finished.

All in all, not spectacular but nice all the same. It was a good day.

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