Friday, July 2, 2010


I have always considered it a sort of blessing that we weren't married very long before we became parents. We have always had a pretty flexible marriage due to stretching our attention right away. There have been some really rough spots, but I think we've done alright. There are things I miss about that time in our lives for sure, but we've traded it for a full, albeit sometimes stressful life.
I do miss having my husband's undivided attention. But I am thankful a hundred times over that my husband works his tail off every day for us and that we have been chosen to parent 4 amazing children. Now, if I can just figure out how to do that without scarring them for life....
I wish I could write a blog for you that would explain in detail how to "keep your marriage alive" whilst having children. I can't. There are some days that it is so evident that if not by the grace of God, we would have separated long ago. Long hours at work, hurt feelings, hormones, babies, money stress, moving, family stress, growing up, college classes, changing focus, changing churches, losing loved ones, depression, loss, family abandonment, addiction..... these are some of the things we've survived in 7 years. I could not have done it without him. When I think of my life without him, there is very little left. He has given me 4 babies, held my hand when I gave them to him, kissed my tears away a hundred times and still says I'm beautiful to him.
I'm so blessed that with every change we've eventually grown back together stronger than we were before.
He truly is my perfect match.

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  1. That is so beautiful. I am so so SO happy for you and Joe and the trials and life you have been through together. I was there when you met and there when you said I do, and I am still so very happy for you and Joe and your amazingly beautiful family. You two are truly inspiring to others and I love you both!! I wish we could all get together and hang, it would be so fun to see you both again!! ...and you would both so love Corey, my bf...and he would adore the two of you, and your family. Ok...I'm done being gushy, I just miss you guys and I'm so happy you've found beauty and love and continue to grow! peace & love dear friends :)