Tuesday, July 13, 2010

finish line..

Well the thing about getting things started is that you have to finish the projects aready started. So... I am. Out of 6 cables for my clicks, I only have 1 not being used (well 2, now that this is done!)

I am takign a break from baby gift knitting, no offense to my pregnant friends, but that list seems to be neverending, a good problem to have. I do have some finished items sitting in my tub as well as some other handmade goodies, so never fear.
Next on the list for my needles is a hoodie for Judah with dinosaur on the pocket and a hoodie sweater for Gabe with I think intarsia space invaders, I am not 100% solid on that yet.
For Ruby I am leaning towards a February baby sweater and for Averie, no clue.
*sigh* off to knit!

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