Thursday, July 15, 2010


Somedays it seems like my life is full of experiences that make me think " I will never do that to someone". I think I need to make a list to remind myself. It seems like everyone else gives me the examples of how NOT to treat other people. So, my list so far is as follows

*Always open the door for someone else. If I am walking out, hold it open.
*Always smile at a mama who looks like she is frazzled, or anyone for that matter.
*Smile at mamas nursing their babies. Enough people are staring and gawking.
*Never love someone else's children better than your own.
*Encourage anyone when you have the chance.
*Affirm before you educate.
*tell the people who bless you that that you are blessed to be around them.
*Never let your children feel boring and unimportant.
*Never take value away from your children because they chose a different path than you did.
*Take a second to lay on the floor and let your children climb on you.
*Gently remind your children that you are a person worthy of respect. They will treat others the way they treat you. It's fact.
*You can never be too tender with a child, but you have to be just as well.
*Be your child's biggest fan. Everyone deserves that faith and trust.
*Teaching your children manners is never a waste of time.
*Always give someone a chance to change.
*Embrace change even when it hurts, or when it symbolizes loss. When God closes a door, He opens a window.
*Love without strings attached.
*Don't expect things you aren't willing to give in return.
*It is NEVER anyone's job to make you happy. never. It's a side-effect.
*Always ask before you take. Anything, even from a good friend.
*Never be in such a hurry that you have to be rude to someone.
Unless it's an emergency, slow down.

There are so many more.


  1. what a great list! some great reminders :)

  2. I love it .... makes me want to take it from you ... but, not without asking of course:)