Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ohhhhhh unfinished projects...

Yes, yes. I have a few going at this time. But sadly, I am lacking alot of the gusto needed to make a bigger dent in any of them right now. No good. My new needles are all "busy" now so maybe that will give me the gusto to finish. Because well, I cannot start anything else until I get these done!

Today I was excited to call Gabe into school and take the 4 kids to Madison for the passing of AB 57 protecting a woman's right breastfeed. Very exciting! Plus it really was fun to take the kids and have a civics lesson hands on. Not to mention we went with some friends, just a great all-around day!

Sadly, I am still battling this yucky sinus infection, head cold thing. It is yucky! I am very ready to say goodbye to all this stuffiness.

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