Monday, February 15, 2010

quarterlife crisis

Yep, I'm here. But having a bit of a quandry about my life, my goals, my purpose, my passions. Yeah, pretty much my whole life from this point. I feel like somethings have got to change, but how should they change, in what direction, how much etc. All these questions. None of them seem to have concrete right/wrong answers. They have alot of maybes or "if"s.
Who shoudl I fit in with, where do I belong. What direction do I want to go in. What direction SHOULD I go in. To homeschool or charter school? To eSchool or classical homeschool. To move to stay. Childcare for my new part-time gig is up in the air. So many ?s I could scream.
I seem to find myself in phases or ruts in which I settle in, hunker down and feel like I have no place anywhere anymore. Like a crisis of confidence. I need to snap out of it, but like every other time, it is so hard. Hard to convince yourself you are smart enough and capable enough to handle things that are out of your comfort zone and not to let other people undermine that.
I have been fighting this battle for such a long time.
Heres to you quarterlife crisis, may you be short lived and soon forgotten.

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  1. I find that I really need to be involved in things to assuage the quarter life crises in my life. Right now that is being on the board of our homeschool co-op, taking on just enough responsibility for me to feel validated and heard, without infringing on the other things I need to do in my life. I hope you find your answers soon! Its hard to be as young as we are with so much ahead of us, yet so many responsibilities are well.