Sunday, February 21, 2010

trash or treasure?

It is always funny to me to listen to people talk about being "crunchy" or "going green". Bear in mind I do not mean funny in a negative sense.

Growing up my mom was quite "green" and I don't even think she realized it. We bought bulk, canned our own food, had a garden, a compost pile, homeschooled, she made our bread, made dinner at home every night, didn't drive hardly anywhere during the week, and even "recycled" by shopping at yard sales and handing down clothes to other kids in the family or to friends. This was just our way of life. Now as our world has taken on a crazier agenda with life being alot more hectic, I find myself reverting back to the comfort I remember from my own childhood. Days spent at home, school with my brothers, my mom reading aloud every night while we each did crafts. So in many senses, I wish to go back to the basics and revive some of the habits of life that I blessed to experience as a child. To remember that old things are rarely trash, but truly can be a treasure to the next person.

That leads me to my weekend's escapades. One of my favorite things to do....EVER is thrift shop. Love, love love it! It is one of our family's favorite weekend adventures and living where we do we have alot of options of where to shop. Who knew the valley would be such a wealth of vintage shops. I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds from the past week or 2 :)
Found this bookcase for $15 at a shop about half a mile from our home. Being Sara, I hauled it in the house solo and hurt my back. But it's was worth discovering that it is solid wood, not composite :) Most of the jars and things are from various thrifting adventures. This weekend our finds included 2 Mason jars and a plastic case full of vintage buttons, some VERY old National Geographics including my dad's birth month/year issue (20 cents each), authentic wooden nesting dolls, a sweet soft baby for Ruby, a cute knit dress for me, a few aquarium books for Joe and I think 4 coffee mugs, my favorite. I believe I got a few zippers and other sewing notions as well. It was fun to get out! I have been hibernating indoors lately. Winter brings out my inner homebody and believe me, it digs deep down. I like being on the go normally, but driving the kids to school so much has zapped it out of me.
But speaking of school mornings, I am off to bed!


  1. Its funny that you mention your mom was crunchy and didn't know it - word for word she sounds exactly like my mom. In fact when I started rediscovering this sort of lifestyle as an adult, my mom watched with a certain smugness, realizing that everything I was suddenly so passionate about were all the things she's done all along.

  2. Isn't it funny. I use terms and titles for things and my mom tends to look at me like I am crazy. Once she just asked me "isn't that just being a stay at home mom?"