Friday, February 26, 2010

time for a breather

This week. It has been a wild one for sure. Our school pickup/drop off schedule was off a bit so our week was a little bit crazier than normal. And the next month holds MANY more hectic moments I am sure.
I am tired. Tired of running around crazy, tired of rushing my kids out the door so early. I watch Judah and I wonder how much fun he is having with our life right now. But bless his little ornery heart, he is so easy to deal with and just goes alogn with everythign so well. He has his rough times, but he is the Judah I have adored since I felt him move the first. I love him so much it hurts sometimes.
So, anyway, I am taking a breather, enjoying some yummy tea with my new favorite coffeemug and my new teakettle (grand total for both at thrift store $1.25!)
Maybe I'll add mroe alter this weekend, I hope I get too. But if not I am off hanging out with my kids.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog on here too! (This is Tia (HawaiianHeldts) from xanga! I'm slowly blogging her more than xanga! Nice to find you, and thanks for friending me in Facebook! My blog here is::